• King Soundworks always has exciting projects happening. With them I get to contribute to broadcast union scripted series as a dialogue editor. Using all my faithful tools such as the infamous Izotope RX9 and auto-align to new ones like Waves Clarity Vx Pro and Absentia DX 3.0

Sound Editor at Gypsy Sound

Dialogue and Sound Effects Editor at Gypsy Sound - 2018-present

  • Dialogue Editor - For projects from scripted features to documentaries, choose-your-own-adventures, and an  animation series, I use tools like Izotope RX6 through 9 to bring the fullest clarity possible to the dialogue. Removing unwanted distractions within the spectrogram is my happy place. It's like reverse painting with sound!

  • Sound Effects Editor -  Hard effects are my favorite when editing sound effects. I love fooling my own ears. When you can convince even yourself that a sound effect you edited is the actual sound of something onscreen. Magic. Sound design is wonderful too though. Getting to set the mood and really be deep in the story telling process. I've done projects from shorts to feature length or series shows. Scripted and documentary and animation.

Assistant Sound Editor at Gypsy Sound - 2017-2018

  • Organized incoming materials via AAF or OMF sessions by track managing, re-linking media, making guide stems, and creating assemblies of the production sound for the editorial team.

  • Conforming sessions within Pro Tools and with tools like EdiLoad and Matchbox

Foley Artist at Lotus Post


  • Foley editor for feature films

  • Assisted with performing foley and engineering the recording sessions

Radio Show Producer/Host at Great Plains Media


  • Planned, produced, and hosted a morning drive show for a medium market top-40 station

  • Produced radio imaging and local commercials for three stations; top-40, top-country, and a news/talk station

  • Recording and mix engineer for local commercial spots


Highly proficient with Pro Tools (10 years)

Izotope RX7 Advanced for dialogue restoration (4 years)

Soundminer for metadata, archival and databasing sound effects  (4 years)

Edicue for ADR cue sheet creation

Ediload and Matchbox conform experience

Assistant editorial work such as session prep, track organization, media conversions, and conforms

Solid understanding of post sound workflow from prep to editorial to the mixer’s desk

Universal Category System knowledge for archival and metadata

Highly organized and strict about file naming conventions

Great communication skills (both off and online...2020 addition)


Kansas City Kansas Community College

  • Associate Degree in Audio Engineering completed in 2012

  • 3.93 GPA

  • Internship with the Production Services Manager at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in 2012

  • Student President of the Audio Engineering Society Student Chapter

Memberships and Organizations

IATSE Local 700 member

Soundgirls.org - EQL Directory Listing

Women's Audio Mission


References available upon request

Skyler Detherage Resume 2022
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